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Apple Software Updates 20-Sep-2014

In the past three days I’ve had iOS, AppleTV and OSX updates (though the OSX is not the anticipated Yosemite, rather a 10.9.5 + Safari 7.1 + Xcode 6.0.1 + (10 days ago) iTunes 11.4. I’m actually excited about these updates, whereas with previous Microsoft updates, all was fear. And even with WordPress, too many versions have broken too many things. That said, a previous AppleTV broke Bloomberg for 4 days, so no one is perfect. Looking forward to Yosemite along with my iPhone 5 + iOS 8…
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Advances in Education, Professional Development

I’ve been engaged in thinking about education and professional development since encountering the fantastic difficulties (most vividly displayed as a university lecturer and student advocate in an advanced graduate program in the mid-2000s). Since then, I have developed a fairly good idea of the exact, largely intractable nature of the difficulties specifically in higher education and professional development. These problems are largely institutional, economic, and political, and as such largely resistant to any actual change in terms of what needs to be changed (the nature of teaching and learning activities and how they are managed and funded). Open Schools And
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Advances in Payments, Publishing, Gifting

There have been several interesting, somewhat loosely related items in the news recently, which we can tie together as signals of progress. Bitcoin Block-Chain Public Record While bitcoin has taken a bit of a hit in forex markets the past few weeks (down from 625 USD to 475 USD), there has been an interesting innovation around the blockchain. Public transactions with verified identities can mark an exchange in a way that can be verified at any point in the future. This is the novel approach of the University of Nicosia, which not only accepts bitcoin for tuition payment, but offers
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What still Sucks at Apple 08-08-14

First, I am an increasingly intensive user of Apple products, so this is not a hater perspective, but a user perspective. Also, it validates my own mishmash of hardware/software/services. In simple terms, Apple is great about hardware and the iOS and OSX operating system. These are all fantastic.
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Forget your Passion

Forget your passion. I want expertise. I want professionalism. Who cares how much you care, or want, how much you desire success. Sure, it matters to you — it does not matter to me. To me what matters is that you do it right, correctly, effectively, efficiently, brilliantly. Do it better, and I will pay attention, and will pay what you ask. Your professed passion matters little. Every earthworm aspires to the stars, and expires at the peck of the early bird. Show me what you can do, stop talking, shush, be still. Can you hear the achievement? No? Get
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Mobile Web Best Practices

This is my attempt to give a good set of guidelines based on two sites: Migrationology and Bellroy. What these sites do well and what they do poorly will be discussed, delivering a list of what is important. This post builds on the discussion in Multiplatform Web Design.
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Life is a kind of Library

A famous writer (Borges) once said that he imagined the afterlife (or more precisely Paradise) to be a kind of library. However, what occurs to me now (in at once a banal and deeply moving way) is that not only the afterlife, but Life is a kind of Library. I mean this both as metaphor and allegory, but also as a framework which helps clarify certain things, such as information management, complexity theory, search engines, marketing, and other such avocations and vocational pursuits (including how to think about people’s behavior). I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind
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