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What still Sucks at Apple 08-08-14

First, I am an increasingly intensive user of Apple products, so this is not a hater perspective, but a user perspective. Also, it validates my own mishmash of hardware/software/services. In simple terms, Apple is great about hardware and the iOS and OSX operating system. These are all fantastic.
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Forget your Passion

Forget your passion. I want expertise. I want professionalism. Who cares how much you care, or want, how much you desire success. Sure, it matters to you — it does not matter to me. To me what matters is that you do it right, correctly, effectively, efficiently, brilliantly. Do it better, and I will pay attention, and will pay what you ask. Your professed passion matters little. Every earthworm aspires to the stars, and expires at the peck of the early bird. Show me what you can do, stop talking, shush, be still. Can you hear the achievement? No? Get
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Mobile Web Best Practices

This is my attempt to give a good set of guidelines based on two sites: Migrationology and Bellroy. What these sites do well and what they do poorly will be discussed, delivering a list of what is important. This post builds on the discussion in Multiplatform Web Design.
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Life is a kind of Library

A famous writer (Borges) once said that he imagined the afterlife (or more precisely Paradise) to be a kind of library. However, what occurs to me now (in at once a banal and deeply moving way) is that not only the afterlife, but Life is a kind of Library. I mean this both as metaphor and allegory, but also as a framework which helps clarify certain things, such as information management, complexity theory, search engines, marketing, and other such avocations and vocational pursuits (including how to think about people’s behavior). I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind
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Sunday on the Bed with the Newspaper

Fifteen years ago, Sundays were best spent on the bed with too much coffee and the Sunday New York Times, a massive amount of information. Indeed, it has been said that the Sunday New York Times holds more information than the average serf in the Middle Ages encountered in their lifetime.
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Sufficiency Cities in Indochina

The term sufficiency city was used in a recent Global City report. It was difficult to find the definition, so let’s just appropriate the term and apply it to Chiang Mai, Thailand. This is indeed a fairly self-sufficient city in terms of services. Yes, there are some things that one needs to go to Bangkok for, but the vast majority of services (and goods) are available in Chiang Mai, including such things as Apple stores (three authorized, and one used), Quite a few malls, hundreds of restaurants, nearly a dozen hospitals, etc. The only thing missing is high culture (theater,
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De-Institutionalization of Education

This brief report could just as easily be called The Status of Education 2.0 but I think we are over this versioning. What is really at work is a de-institutionalization of education as an institution. What we are witnessing is the reorganization of learning outside of the organizing principles of the Medieval University.
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