Registrars, DNS, VPS, Hosting

Updated 20-Sep-2023 Simplicity is a wonderful thing. For the domain name game and hosting services, there are two kinds of simplicity: A single, monolithic simplicity - aka all-in-one A set of modular simplicities - aka best-of-breed At this stage in web hosting, domain name registration, and DNS service offerings, the second form of simplicity is ... Read more

Microsoft – What it is Good For

Updated 20-Sep-2023 Microsoft has gone through a lot, and I've been with them for quite a long time, on and off. I became a MCSE in 1998, with a focus on Web, SQL and Exchange server. At the time we were in the battle for the backoffice, which was vs. Novell and Oracle, mainly, but ... Read more

So Good They Can’t Ignore You

Updated 20-Sep-2023 This book is badly in need of an editor. That is not surprising as it appears to be a collection of blog posts, but the redundancies and useless repetition truly get in the way of the important points. Also, stylistically the first person voice is also a bit pedantic. Agreed, the author points ... Read more

Syncthing replaces Dropbox / GDrive

Updated 14-Oct-2023 See also the local file sync tool FreeFileSync for handy local drive copying. Google Drive (GDrive) and other cloud storage alternatives such as Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive all have the serious drawback of keeping one's information in a third party cloud repository. Privacy and security are generally compromised this way, even when paying ... Read more

Pandoc, Markdown, XeLaTeX, EPUB

Updated 20-Sep-2023 EPUB documents are essentially a kind of html document as a collection of files which are zipped, and include html, css, images, and some XML pages. There are several ways of organizing these, but the most straightforward is one html document for each chapter (or section), a set of images organized in a ... Read more

Image / Scaling / Compression

Updated 20-Sep-2023 Size matters, and the smaller the better, when it comes to generation, modification, transmission, and storage of information. The vast amount of unoptimized documents and images on my very own local storage, much less what we send and receive all the time, is astounding. The idea that we need 100gb or 1tb of ... Read more

DNS Records and Services

Updated 20-Sep-2023 First, there are two kinds of DNS records: those for client look, and those for a server. Client Lookup - DNS Resolvers I don't trust Google DNS, though for a while it was the go to DNS, and easy to remember at and For privacy, for me, there are two ... Read more

Open Source Cloud

Updated 20-Sep-2023 The day has come when I have confidence it is possible to move off of all third party clouds, with the only exception being social media and social network sites. That is, the wonderful world of email, file sharing and synchronization, and even online document collaboration, can all be supported independent of third ... Read more

How to Ditch Google Email

Updated 20-Sep-2023 This is really about how to get off of Gmail/Google Email for Domains/Gsuite. It is not difficult to get off of Google Drive, and Google Photos, as well as Google Docs and Google Sheets, and the like. But there are certain advatages of Gmail/Google Mail, and the free version of GSuite, which I've ... Read more

Metric vs. Imperialism

Updated 14-Sep-2023 If there ever will be a world government, one which speaks for and works on behalf of humanity for the entire planet, or most of it, that system will not use miles, pounds, ounces, inches, and yards. That system will be a rational measurement system that 99.5% of the earth already uses. This ... Read more