3 Stages of Social Media Messaging

Updated 20-Sep-2023

Let's hop on the Social Media bus!

How fast...
I like... Stage 1 - Initiation * Create accounts * Edit BIO, profile image(s), backgrounds, color schemes

Social network Stage 2 - Introduction * Begin messaging * Engage in friending and joining activity * Messaging is primarily introductory, thanking for following, etc.

Brands are... Stage 3 - Involvement * Integrate messaging * Various social media accounts can have coordinated messaging from a single point (hellotxt.com) * Messaging primarily information sharing and public conversation * Metrics on SM campaigns and awareness-building

The 5 Most Important Questions by Peter Drucker Stage Zero - Strategy Of course all of this presupposes a previous stage, that of asking the fundamental questions, best articulated by Peter Drucker. * What is our mission? * Who is our customer? * What does the customer value? * What are our results? * What is our plan?
The Effective Executive by Peter Drucker If you are an individual and not an organization, then the questions go like this: * What are my strengths? * How do I work? * What are my values? * Where do I belong? * What can I contribute?
And now you siii the 3 + 1 stages of social media...