Salt – Ingredient

Salt aka NaCL, Sodium Choride, is 40% sodium and 60% cloride. This is a trace mineral that is essential to our bodies. Apparently we need about 200-500mg per day for daily body function. However, it is common to oversalt food, and processed foods are heavily oversalted (to add taste to tasteless products). Excess salt increases ... Read more

Dairy and Inflammation

It turns out dairy is an anti-inflammatory as well as an inflammatory depending on product and consumer. Those who claim cheese is bad for you or all dairy is inflammatory ignore the science. Dairy products and inflammation: A review of the clinical evidence

Fresh Pickles – Recipe

These last about a week, and are a quick alternative to a longer pickling procedure. Note Garlic adds spice. For the children, cut back to 1 clove or remove garlic altogether. Ingredients 500 g small cucumbers bunch of fresh dill 250 g water 120 g white vinegar 1 tsp salt 2 cloves of garlic (more ... Read more

Caneles – Recipe

Favorite french baked good. Need a caneles mould. Notes Too sweet and did not brown through. Cut back on sugar by half, and cook for 1 hr 3 mins. Do not need butter with my caneles mould. Ingredients 3 tsp vanilla 500 ml milk 50 g butter + small amount of softened butter for coating ... Read more

Scones – Recipe

Description Scones are a great breakfast or anytime snack. Great warm with butter and jam, or by themselves. They can be a bit dry even with all the butter. The quality of a scone is based on the ingredients, which means quality flour, butter, eggs, and if desired, vanilla, and cashews. Total time about 25 ... Read more

Chia Seeds – Ingredient

Personally, I see the chia seeds fad as just that. However, there is some science to the purported benefits of chia seeds. One thing to note is that human studies do not show benefits when adding chia seeds as a supplement, but only as a part of a diverse plant-based diet (that is, adding chia ... Read more

Bananas – Ingredient

People have been eating bananas for a long time. The first written references to them come from 500BCE, but were most likely consumed long before then. Today, 100 billion bananas are consumed globally each year. There are more than one thousand varieties of bananas. -- Source In North America and Europe there is a preponderance ... Read more