Cacao / Cocoa Powder and Uses

Cacao or Raw Cocoa Powder This stuff is great. I imported it from the US and it in turn comes from Peru. There are two things I do with this: hot chocolate and cacao (cocoa) pancakes. Cocoa Pancakes Two teaspoons go into each pancake batter (also made from scratch with honey), making it a mocha-colored ... Read more

Dairy Farms in Thailand

While specific dairy farms and their cooperatives will be included in this article eventually (it is a work in progress). For now, we will focus on analysis of a whitepaper from the UN Food and Agriculture: The Economics of Milk Production in Chiang Mai, Thailand, with particular Emphasis on Small-scale Producers Basic Findings and Observations ... Read more

Homemade Tonic Water

For some reason I have become more and more interested in consuming less-processed foods and beverages. Perhaps it is five years of living in Northern Thailand where very fresh and local food is actually less expensive and widely available. In addition, there are some kinds of foods which have a lot of interesting characteristics, but ... Read more

How to Make Cheese

First, what kind of cheese, then ingredients, then process, otherwise fairly low tech! Try to keep the energy consumption to a minimum, as well as direct costs. The best approach is making it sustainable (and local) for future.

Hollandaise and Mayonnaise

Both Hollandaise and Mayonnaise are oil-in-water emulsions based on a raw egg yolk (or whole raw egg). Making both of them requires raw egg yolk / whole egg, and the addition of mustard, and then the slow adding (or mixing-in) of oil or butter. Mayonnaise is cold and Hollandaise is hot. Mayonnaise is Spanish and ... Read more

Homemade Ice Cream

The best approach I have seen is to basically use a blender with whipping cream, add honey (or sugar, not condensed milk), and then add additional items to this base, such as: Vanilla extract and vanilla bean caviar (add the spent pod to your sugar jar) Cacao and chocolate chips Strawberry compote (extra honey if ... Read more

Eating Fish Raw and Cooked

Parasites Freezing Fish, Killing Parasites Almost Every Kind of Wild Fish is Infected with Worms > "I don't eat raw fish because of what I've seen," admitted the fish purveyor, who sells to many of the city's top restaurants. "I don't eat sushi anymore." > > ... > > "I urge people not to cook ... Read more

Homemade Mozarella Cheese

Many various Mozarella recipes The Kitchn - Mozarella recipe - try this one first Serious Eats - Mozarella recipe 30 Minute Mozarella recipe - Cultured (traditional) Mozarella recipe - Need Rennet for Mozarella Curd - Yes and No 30 Minute Mozarella recipe - Cultures for Health Traditional Mozarella recipe - Cultures for Health ... Read more