Baby Toothbrushing

My son at 10.5 months has six teeth, four up and two down. He's had them for a while now. He is very fussy around his mouth, because his mother has consistently forced a washcloth into his mouth to clean his teeth and gums. This means he avoids any cloth around his mouth (napkins, etc.) ... Read more

Transportation – Next Generation

This page will be updated at ongoing, irregular intervals. Transportation on the Water One of the more interesting personal water craft is the Mokai powered kayak. - Painless Mokai aftermarket products to improve the kayak This would be better as an electric watercraft. Not only would it be silent, but likely the maintenance costs would ... Read more

Birth Tourism

The big issues for prenatal (besides choice of the mother) included (but are not limited to): - Place of birth - Country of birth - Hospital/home or birthing center Country of Birth Note for country of birth, the idea is to get dual or triple citizenship. This is possible if one or both parents are ... Read more

Water, Formula, and Milks

Water, not so good Turns out that water is not good for very young babies. The main problem seems to be that urination also removes not only water but sodium and other essential minerals from the body, and the baby may not be getting these replenished at the same speed (since the their only source ... Read more

Micro Course Content

I read a provocative article on Micro Course Content which was linked from an article on the (potential) rise of mobile learning. Note the word potential as we only really see smartphone adoption rate information, not actually micro course content adoption or success rates. > Side note: unclear why a learning company couldn't use the ... Read more