The Problem with Apple Leadership

The basic problem with Apple Computer is one of leadership. In particular, it is not the financial engineering, or the desire to keep everything secret, or even the slow rate of innovation, including buggy Apple TV, Itunes, and the virtually unusable iCloud. It is not the poor performance of the new versions of iOS. The ... Read more

AMI on EC2 vs. CentOS on Linode

What I learned in migrating from CentOS on Linode to Amazon AMI Linux on EC2. Note: Amazon Lightsail is probably a better comparison, but it is not available in the region we need it in, so EC2 is required for now. Update: Lightsail is now available in more regions. VPS Hosting and Operating System A ... Read more

Amazon Customers, Markets, Resources

Amazon is different than other companies. From the outside, this difference can appear as anomolies, odd things that stand out. I belive that there is a fundamental way of understanding the current state and dynamo of change within Amazon. Customer Centrism Amazon is meant to be the most customer-centric company on Earth. Likely when we ... Read more

OpenVPN on Amazon Linux

See also OpenVPN on ChromeOS and Android OpenVPN on an AWS EC2 T2.Nano Instance The T2.Nano instance is the smallest instance generally available for AWS EC2. As of 17-June-2017, the Nano includes the following resources: - 512mb RAM - 1 vcpu (30 credits + 3/hr, up to 72 credits) - 1gb network out traffic Alternatively, ... Read more

Amazon Linux (CentOS), Apache, MySQL, PHP

Note: Amazon Linux AMI is essentially CentOS 6.x. Everything below works on CentOS as well. Preparation for Amazon LAMP The OpenVPN on Amazon Linux AMI is a good place to start in preping the L for the AMP part of the lamp stack. Lots of good stuff there. A followup is WordPress Multisite on Amazon ... Read more

AWS DHCP Options and Resolv.conf

AWS DHCP options are set on a per-VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) basis. By default, things like the search scope and DNS servers used by a given AWS Instance are set by DHCP which also provides the private IP address (but not any Elastic IP Addresses). Indeed, the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud is a fundamental core ... Read more

Amazon WorkMail, WorkDocs

When dealing with cloud-based office productivity applications (documents and spreadsheets), the main contenders are obvious: - Apple iWork - Google Docs, Apps, Drive, GSuite - Microsoft Office365 While Apple's offering is relatively unknown (little noted, therefore little discussed), the real sleeper is Amazon's WorkDocs and WorkMail The Kit and the Kaboodle Here I will deal ... Read more

Mainstream RHEL Derivatives

Spending time looking into AMI (Amazon Linux), it is as usual with the plethora of Amazon products, sometimes hard to get info about what it is. I take this not as a bad thing (though it does take time) but rather a feature that emerges from the *let's develop lots of stuff all at once" ... Read more

Steve Jobs Apple WWDC Keynote 1997

Highlights There are many goodies in this talk. Below are a few: * For a strategy, the total has to be more than the sum of the parts. How does something fit in to a cohesive vision to sell the product. * Got to start with the customer and work backward to the technology. What ... Read more