More Bullshit from Apple

The utter lack of transparency continues to disturb. Apparently the iPhone 5 has 1gb ram and is a dual core 1ghz processor. But this information is no where to be found on the website. It is optimized and so is faster than many dual and quad cores at the same speed. Fine, but why not ... Read more

Kindle Paperwhite 4th Gen

I've used a Kindle since the Kindle Keyboard (3rd gen), and since then purchased and used the DX for a while (the much larger model). On 06 September 2012 the Kindle Paperwhite was released and I registered mine on 10 September. I broke that model within six months by wedging it in a bag that had too many objects in it, but Amazon sent out a replacement free-of-charge (which included free shipping, and I live outside the United States).

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Amazon UCC128 Barcode

Updated 24-Nov-2018 Publishing Toolchain/Workflow Notes Syntax for ISBN .eps ./bookland -o 978-0-9822972-7-8.eps 978-0-9822972-7-8 Syntax for Amazon ASIN (effectively a hyphen-less ISBN-10 of the ISBN-13) encode128 0982297270 Take output and use Code128 Font to display The Amazon Barcode Note for revision: the latest version of encode128 is using different start/stop characters than what is displayed/discussed below. ... Read more