Nano Command Line Text Editor

Nano is pretty awesome, fully open source, and has mnemonics for most commands. Note that I use Fish Shell on OSX, CentOS and Ubuntu. Various benefits accrue, when scripting and also autocomplete and such. Various Commands and Such Set Nano as default editor of git in OSX Search and Replace Apparently this is also case ... Read more

AMI on EC2 vs. CentOS on Linode

What I learned in migrating from CentOS on Linode to Amazon AMI Linux on EC2. Note: Amazon Lightsail is probably a better comparison, but it is not available in the region we need it in, so EC2 is required for now. Update: Lightsail is now available in more regions. VPS Hosting and Operating System A ... Read more

Mainstream RHEL Derivatives

Spending time looking into AMI (Amazon Linux), it is as usual with the plethora of Amazon products, sometimes hard to get info about what it is. I take this not as a bad thing (though it does take time) but rather a feature that emerges from the *let's develop lots of stuff all at once" ... Read more

Linux Mint Debian Edition 3

Note: since Debian has Cinnamon built-in as a desktop choice on install, and since the rest of Mint is Ubuntu or Debian (LMDE), it seems a bit nonsensical to go Mint when I can go Debian +Cinnamon. For Cinnamon interface changes, see: LMDE Cinnamon Modifications This document will be somewhat regularly updated with information, and ... Read more

State of Linux 2016

This is meant to be a note, rather than some hazy -- or clear-eyed view. What is interesting to me is the long-awaited 16.04 Ubuntu which promises to have most of the stuff needed for the next few years of tinkering. It is also interesting to see the development of distributions such as ClearOS (a ... Read more

Webmin, Virtualmin

> Note: as of 2017 I no longer use webmin or virtualmin, though I still believe it is much better than Cpanel and other related. This page will not be updated over time with information about Webmin and Virtualmin, and perhaps Usermin, and Cloudmin. Basically Webmin and Virtualmin are similar in functionality to the more ... Read more