Paypal vs. Stripe

Paypal Sucks Paypal sucks, as everyone knows. It has one benefit for the consumer (those buying with paypal) and that is their dispute resolution, which I've used perhaps ten times and have never lost. Dispute resolution with credit cards and banks is much, much more difficult and harder to win. For the seller, however, Paypal ... Read more

Colorblindness Online Marketing

Colorblindness Colorblindness affects approximately 5-8% of the population, mainly males. The visualization of these kinds of colorblindness is eye-opening, to say the least. The most common form of colorblindness is deuteranomaly, which is red-green. The colorblindness simulations show the color red as indistinguishable from a certain shade of green. Actually to my eyes the dichromatic ... Read more

Steve Jobs Apple WWDC Keynote 1997

Highlights There are many goodies in this talk. Below are a few: * For a strategy, the total has to be more than the sum of the parts. How does something fit in to a cohesive vision to sell the product. * Got to start with the customer and work backward to the technology. What ... Read more

Internet Marketing = BAWLS

In a word, Internet Marketing (not the spamming stuff, but the real thing) is BAWLS. Brand, Advertising, Website, Links and Content, and Social Media. BAWLS Brand Brand name, collateral (visuals, text), offering, value to customers and competitive strategy. Includes pricing, keywords, as well as customer demand. Advertising Paid and earned. Will drive traffic either to ... Read more

SERP Star Ratings ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Star ratings, which indicate review averages, can be useful indicators of quality on search results pages. There are several tactics to include star ratings (or rather, rating/review stars). There may be an interesting use case for not having a root page / in a WordPress website. That is, forcing a redirect from root to a ... Read more

Englishes, Websites, and Country TLDs

The issue of various Englishes is one that can help increase customers when targeting different native English speakers from different countries. English as we know is not monolithic, but most sites have a single site per language. The complication there is of course flags are used, so either a British or American or some composite ... Read more

Internet Marketing Email Needs

The two kinds of email: marketing and transactional, and the need to manage this has resulted in a proliferation of solutions from various providers. Marketing email consists of messages to the customer from the organization; transactional are messages to the customer by the computer system (e.g., invoices, receipts, email list confirmations, contact form submission confirmations, ... Read more

Bing, FB, Google Tag Managers

Facebook, Google Adwords/Analytics, and Bing all have moved their tagging for conversations and tracking page views and other activity, over to their respective Tag Managers. - For Google this is called the Google Tag Manager - - For Bing this is called UET Tags and Conversion Goals (UET stands for Universal Event Tracking) - (link ... Read more