Invention, Innovation, Marketing

Invention, Innovation, Marketing - Jeff McNeill Podcast 2009-12-17 Invention is something brand new. Innovation is a new dimension in performance. Marketing is the creation of a customer. These last two definitions come from Peter Drucker and Innovation comes from his book "Innovation and Entrepreneurship" 1985. An excellent read. Why we are discussing the Flying Car ... Read more

Three Thailand Job Sites in English

For those who are seeking for employment or looking for new employees there are three job boards which are in English (though for the JobsDB site many of the jobs are for Thais or in Thai). * Craigslist Bangkok - covers the entire country of Thailand, not only Bangkok * The cesspool aka - ... Read more

The Future of Work

This is a pretty tasty snack, rife with possibilities. A bit Polyanna-ish and not very even-handed. The world is becoming a hybrid of work styles, not monolithically mobile and on-demand. In any case, this is the sort of work style we have at Lanna Innovation and SEO Chiangmai, namely mobile, from anywhere, but with pulsations ... Read more

IT Strategy Trends: Open Source, Cloud, Mobile, Synchronization, Localization

Note: This was originally published in July, 2009. Looking at this from December, 2018 these all hold fairly well. Internationalization and localization is a small issue, since the world hasn't really gotten that much smaller or more connected, except for the enormous (though largely invisible) efforts of Google with Android and Noto fonts (Apple also ... Read more

The Art of Pricing – Three Simple Strategies

There is a long and storied history regarding pricing of goods and services. Wikipedia has a nice overview article with linked sub-articles. Simplicity - The Rule of Three Complexity is managed easiest with simplicity. In this case all the various Pricing "strategies" can be summed under three specific uses of pricing: * Pricing as a ... Read more

WordPress upgrade, theme refresh, list of plugins

Just upgraded to WP 2.7.1. There were a few fun moments. The Upgrade It should have gone like this $ svn sw . but instead it went like this $ rm -rf *.* $ svn co . New Theme Also installed the Grey Matter theme. Did some hackery on a few items, but ... Read more

What is the Meaning of your Brand?

I highly recommend the book Making Meaning by Diller, Shedroff & Rhea (2006). The material is well researched and built from significant insight and a good deal of hard data. The core question of the book is what meaning is being produced through interaction with a brand. From this perspective, the production of meaning can ... Read more

Firefox 3.5 Release Candidate 2 Add-on Compatibility

Compatible versions available Adblock Plus BabelFish Better Flickr Better Gmail Better GReader ColorZilla Delicious Bookmarks Download Helper Firebug Firefinder for Firebug Flagfox Google Global Google Toolbar for Firefox Greasemnkey IE Tab ImTranslator Java Quick Starter Lazarus: Form Recovery Leak Monitor Linkification Live HTTP headers MinimizeToTray revived 0.3.7 Nightly Tester Tools 2.0.2 Personas for Firefox Phoenix ... Read more