WordPress Multisite on Amazon Linux

This assumes a current configuration of: - Amazon Linux (6.x RHEL series) - Apache 2.4 - PHP 5.6 + Opcache - Oracle MySQL 5.7 Installation up to this point is encompassed by: - OpenVPN on Amazon Linux EC2, basic configuration and securing an EC2 instance - Amazon Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP, installing and configuring ... Read more

WordPress Form and Comment Spam

As with security in general, escaping the scourge of WordPress form and content spam requires a layered approach. Here is what works. Databases and Behavioral Anti-Spam The first step is the one that nowadays works the least well. In the beginning we had Akismet, and things got better, but this is an arms race, and ... Read more

WordPress Plugins Redesign 2017

If a phrase could sum up what we've seen so far in WordPress in 2017 it would be something like: Bureaucratic nonsense, shitty design, tone deaf development. The Core crew and their work on Plugins has recently turned from tragedy to farce. While these hardworking plebes have put in the hours, their result is, frankly, ... Read more

WordPress – Soup to Nuts

I've written about WordPress at various points. I've been using this cms for 13-14 years, and for me it is well-known, though a bit worn out. The breakage it has has not improved much, and the resources needed are not up to the modern task.

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WordPress 5 – Automattic Waterloo

Automattic is the organization behind WordPress the content management system, wordpress.com, and a number of smaller entities. With some estimates, WordPress has ~30% market share of the web. It has taken on in excess of []$300m in funding](https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/automattic) over the years. After 2–3 years of development of WordPress, Automattic was founded in 2005 to receive ... Read more

WooCommerce Paypal Settings

Updated July 2019 - I no longer use Paypal, as it is roughly twice as expensive as Stripe when looking at $100 USD/month in transactions (more than 10% with transaction fees and currency conversion), and without currency conversion it is still 30% more when only looking at transaction fees (usually because of the international transaction ... Read more

WooCommerce, WordPress Plugin Sites

There are several sites which sell unlimited access to a large number of WooCommerce and other themes and plugins. These sites are taking advantage of the GPL which allows for free distribution, though it is unclear if they are violating use agreements (or trademarks). In any case, each of these sites has a set of ... Read more

Sclerotic Teens – WP & MW

Two very popular content management systems are in their teenage years now: WordPress will be 14 this year, and MediaWiki will be 15. Those are a lot of years on the web. As teenagers, these two successful and interesting projects try and act like the adults they want to be. Unfortunately, this can lead to ... Read more

MediaWiki vs. WordPress

There of course is no MediaWiki vs. WordPress in the sense of a battle. As Wiki and Blog platforms go, each is the winner in their category in terms of raw number of users/pageviews. That said, there are definitely (different) concerns with each platform, architecturally as well as accidentally. And therefore, we dreg up the ... Read more

Math on the Web

Below are bulletted list items. Later this will turn into better copy. - Summary: Use Texvc when necessary, and KaTeX when possible. Math in Chrome SVG is the preferred method for Math on Chrome, though accessibility is still an issue Basically, for Chrome, the options are: ship small images at a great expense in time ... Read more