Grav CMS on Debian

This post will be frequently (or infrequently) updated. It is meant to help me learn Grav and Gravcart, and in particular migrate off of WordPress and Woocommerce. Related Artices in Debian Services and Applications - Debian on AWS Lightsail - OpenVPN on Debian + UFW Firewall - Nginx and Letsencrypt on Debian - PHP & ... Read more

Woocommerce Customization

Woocommerce is a fantastic, though complex, time-consuming, and/or expensive ecommerce system. That said, it is the most popular on WordPress, and has a lot of potential for the future. It is getting a lot of development effort at Automattic, and has a fairly extensive functionality set, and some loosely- and tightly-coupled extensions and sister-plugin functionality. ... Read more

Email Marketing Automation

There are various aspects of email marketing automation, including: - Newsletters - Drip Email - Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Suffice it to say that all of these are connected in some kind of venn diagram. However, when it comes to each of these in terms of software integration, they all start from different sides of ... Read more

Mad WooCommerce Development

The WooCommerce team is introducing a huge amount of integrated functionality. WooCommerce must be considered a platform at this point (with WordPress as a much more generic, broader platform). Think of Windows and Office. Windows is a generic operating system and Office is a set of applications. While the analogies only go so far, WooCommerce ... Read more

WordPress Site Performance

Site performance comes down to two issues: Perceived relevance Perceived responsiveness Actually, perceived responsiveness could be considered an aspect of relevance (but not the other way around). To be relevant is to be speedy and relevant. Catch 22 - Speed vs. Functionality For WordPress, the architecture is one where responsiveness goes down logarithmically to the ... Read more

WordPress DevOps Lifecycle

> This is a set of notes and remarks rather than anything comprehensive or systematic. The main point is learning from the fact that there is a development lifecycle in terms of consuming software products, and make better adoption decisions through a set of heuristics. By development, we need of course to expand this to ... Read more

Encrypted Data in WordPress

It seems that there are some simple things that are not managed well on the security front, specifically the lack of encryption of the data stored in the database. While backups can be encrypted (by most backup tools) the data itself is not encrypted in the database. The main counter to that is if the ... Read more