Notion – Software

Notion is a flexible cross-platform SAAS application that combines wikis, tasks, kanban boards, and tables (databases). The only problem with it is security and self-hosting (not available), and some things are not easy to do (recurring tasks). It has a pretty good look and feel, and does decent collaboration. For small to medium-sized teams it ... Read more

Role of Speech in Intellect

From 2001 to 2009 I was in a PhD program in the US that had, as many do, students from around the world. Included were students from many Asian countries, including Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Macau, Thailand, etc. The mainly western professors always became impatient with these students, in their first few years in the ... Read more

The Best Mentors

There are some useful nuggets of information hidden within this latest talk by Kate Mitchell on Own your Own Success. The discussion on mentors and mentorship is one of them. Mentors as a Composite Mentors need not be a single person or a set of people but are more likely a composite of many people, ... Read more

How to Size Up Your Partner

John Paul DeJoria gave a Keynote at Stanford Entreprenuership recently. He has many skills and strong instincts. Now he is a multi-billionaire, but he slept in his car the first few weeks of founding John Paul Mitchell Systems. People Person Skills His people-person skills are phenomenal. In the Q&A he was asked how to size ... Read more

Habitum Alteram Naturam – Part 3

Simplicity and Complexity Habits are simple, nature complex. This formulation is meant to help understand how to talk about and act regarding the future. Change is necessary, and it is even possible. How do we conceive of this possibility? How do we talk about it? The real question regarding talk, is to what degree is ... Read more

Futurology and Development

Any future must and will actually come from places like Manila and Bangkok. At the very least it will find a home there. The present discourse around futurology is predominantly driven and reflected of the developed world. The future is a developed future along the trajectory of current developed nations. And thereby leaves the most ... Read more

Habitum Alteram Naturam – Part 1

Habit changes nature Habit and Nature Some might suggest we are human doing, rather than human being. I believe it was Aristotle who suggested it is what we do that makes us what we are. There is no essential being underneath our actions, per se, but the actions and the beings are concomitant. If so, ... Read more

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