The Future of Energy

The future of energy is both about the power of the rich (and the riches in the energy markets) as well as the dangers of certain energy sources. So it is about fundamental resources, ongoing innovation, economic risks and rewards as well as environmental and human costs. Sunflowers

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Construction Innovation

The saddest part of the discussion of construction innovation as defined by making buildings more efficiently, is just that. Missing are: - Making housing more sustainable (see Earthships) - Making housing more affordable (see tiny homes in Kristen Dirksen's channel) Mainstream Media Housing Innovation Coverate NYTimes - Piece by Piece, a Factory-Made Answer for a ... Read more

Gravity Powered Lighting

With a significant number of people in Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar without electricity (as well as a number in Thailand and Vietnam who are not accounted for in the official numbers on electricity access), power generation is of strong interest. Instead of expensive, larger scale projects (which are of course also important) something like *Gravity-Powered ... Read more