Construction Innovation

The saddest part of the discussion of construction innovation as defined by making buildings more efficiently, is just that. Missing are: - Making housing more sustainable (see Earthships) - Making housing more affordable (see tiny homes in Kristen Dirksen's channel) Mainstream Media Housing Innovation Coverate NYTimes - Piece by Piece, a Factory-Made Answer for a ... Read more

Lex Titia – End of the Roman Republic

Movement from a democracy to an autocracy seeks legitimacy in legal and democratic terms. Because the transition is from democracy, there is either implicit or explicit democratic action that is taken to limit or essentially destroy democratic power. This is seen throughout history. Why an autocracy needs such legitimation is mostly an issue of propaganda, ... Read more

5 Archetypes of Organizational Culture

According to Freire (2007) there are Five Archetypes of Organizational Culture. Naturally, these cultures are based on, developed and perpetuated by leadership. Those he names: Customer-Centric - The Customer is everything One-Team - Oneness is everything Innovation - Learning is everything Achievement - Getting the job done is everything People-First - Our people are everything ... Read more

What is Indochina?

Defined by what it is not One interesting aspect of the term Indochina is that the name is derrived from the French Indochine meaning the land between India and China. That is, the name refers to what it is not. Indochina is not India and it is not China, it is the space between these ... Read more

Living in Chiang Mai

Living in Chiang Mai has many aspects, and what it's like will be as much about the person doing the living as the place being lived in. My guess is the question is more like "what is it like as a foreigner to live in Chiang Mai". Here are a few aspects that come to ... Read more

Gravity Powered Lighting

With a significant number of people in Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar without electricity (as well as a number in Thailand and Vietnam who are not accounted for in the official numbers on electricity access), power generation is of strong interest. Instead of expensive, larger scale projects (which are of course also important) something like *Gravity-Powered ... Read more


Testing KaTeX Plugin [latex]c = \pm\sqrt{a^2 + b^2}[/latex] 160px 160px width using .img-small and simple lightbox Default image cropping Try and get the default image to be cropped properly, and resize. The idea is if possible, then upload this file to the same directory as the page itself, e.g., /domain.tld/weather/ or some kind of mechanism... ... Read more

Amazon Customers, Markets, Resources

Amazon is different than other companies. From the outside, this difference can appear as anomolies, odd things that stand out. I belive that there is a fundamental way of understanding the current state and dynamo of change within Amazon. Customer Centrism Amazon is meant to be the most customer-centric company on Earth. Likely when we ... Read more

Nissan Electric Vehicles

Asia Rollout of the Nissan Leaf 2018 Nissan Leaf First Drive Review Nissan set to release Leaf in the Thai Market Nissan Leaf EV to go on sale in Thailand 2019 Nissan Leaf specs (unconfirmed) Nissan IMx Next Generation Platform

Amazon WorkMail, WorkDocs

When dealing with cloud-based office productivity applications (documents and spreadsheets), the main contenders are obvious: - Apple iWork - Google Docs, Apps, Drive, GSuite - Microsoft Office365 While Apple's offering is relatively unknown (little noted, therefore little discussed), the real sleeper is Amazon's WorkDocs and WorkMail The Kit and the Kaboodle Here I will deal ... Read more