Now and in the Future

What of the current projects generate which percentage of revenue now, and in the future? This question helps cut down on too many extraneous activities, to which I am prone. It all comes back to Drucker and knowing what should be done (and then getting that done). Like any healthy organization, my various projects are ... Read more

The Northeast Asean Sea

An end to the geographic lies of China, where a misnomer becomes an excuse for criminality. Geographic Lies of China The geographic lies of china are well documented. The so-called South China Sea is simply one of the more anachronistic, if not damning. The English-speaking world need not continue this farce. And so what should ... Read more

Transportation – Next Generation

This page will be updated at ongoing, irregular intervals. Transportation on the Water One of the more interesting personal water craft is the Mokai powered kayak. - Painless Mokai aftermarket products to improve the kayak This would be better as an electric watercraft. Not only would it be silent, but likely the maintenance costs would ... Read more