Baby Led Weaning (BLW)

Baby Led Weaning is essentially letting the baby feed itself as early as possible. This of course requires age-appropriate food, patience, and a lot of clean-up. However, it can have positive effects such as eating a wider variety of food, and at the times of the spoon-feeding strikes around 8-10 months, BLW is the obvious ... Read more

Infant prescription incompetence

My wife, anxious because our baby is sick, was convinced she needed to go to the doctor on the third day of his cold. Note that I had a cold earlier, and his symptoms are the same. A bad cough with lots of phlem. Certainly it is disturbing to see the baby suffer, but my ... Read more

Water, Formula, and Milks

Water, not so good Turns out that water is not good for very young babies. The main problem seems to be that urination also removes not only water but sodium and other essential minerals from the body, and the baby may not be getting these replenished at the same speed (since the their only source ... Read more

Force feeding

The force-feeding I am talking about is the force-feeding of babies, not adults. This is actually quite an alarming action taken on the part of moms who are mistaken about their role in feeding babies. There are actually quite a few things that can help a baby feed if they start to get fussy and ... Read more

Baby Ribs

Not baby back ribs, but the ribs on human babies. Yes, turns out they can be a bit funny (non-symmetrical) and stick out on one side and not the other. Of course nearly everything one notices about the baby causes some concern, but this one was allayed by the many other cases found on the ... Read more

Pacifiers are Artificial Nipples

Pacifiers are Artificial Nipples says the Dr. Sears site. His site is one I take with a grain or two of salt, but it is definitely a good second-ranked site for me. First rank are actual medical organizations in the US, UK and UN, as well as actual healthcare research (though of course one must ... Read more

China Wants to Kill my Child

Well, no not all of China, and not the government, at least not specifically. But indeed, the manufacturing in China is almost wilfully hazardous. Stories abound on a near daily basis of the kinds of products that are passed off as genuine, both to the Chinese people themselves (such a homicidal/suicidal country) and to export ... Read more

Teething at 3 Months

Turns out that teething can start as early as 3 months. This was news to our doctor (which is quite sad). The state of health care with children is unfortunately the same as that as with adults, which is even more inadequate for several reasons: - Adults can tell you symptoms and the like - ... Read more

Daddy Leave – Take a Month Off

The first month is a killer. Death of your sleep, your schedule, your uninterrupted time. To stop it from being the death of your marriage and your family, by all means take a month off from work. Sure you can put in the odd few hours per day, but in general, expectations should be a ... Read more

First week with a newborn

My son was born on 28 October, and the first week has been exciting, eventful, as well as tiring. A few points for others: Emotion In a newborn, emotion is quite simple. It begins and ends in the guts. To be hungry is to be upset, and to use the only faculty at its command, ... Read more

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