Kodable is a somewhat slow website (and iOS app, no Android) which teaches "coding" in a somewhat rudimentary way. It is engaging for the children (tested on ages 4 and 6) but limited in what it can teach. Navigation is problematic as there are two interfaces and so sending a task from the teacher/parent dashboard ... Read more

Virtual Reality and Children

It turns out that there are many legitimate concerns when it comes to virtual reality and children, the ones that are different than the concerns with video games (addiction, etc.), are around how the eyes focus (or not) in virtual reality as opposed to reality. Currently, one could say that all virtual reality devices and ... Read more

Homo Ludens

Homo Ludens is a book by published in 1938 by Johan Huizinga. It is meant to explain The Play Element of Culture(not just children's play). Homo Ludens is an important part of game studies. As such it is a great place to start out when designing course for children, even very young children. They are ... Read more

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