Getting into Shape – Month 1

Updated 03-Oct-2021

I'm starting on 31 July 2021, only because that is the day I started, but I consider August the first month of this challenge. I haven't been doing standard workouts, just sporadic and intermittent exercise (mostly running, but some swimming (when the pool was open) and some bicycling. Morning runs are the best because it is the lowest temperature, cleanest air, and if I bring my five-year-old he rides his bicycle and that challenges me to run faster. I live in a suburb of Chiang Mai, south of the city and just southeast of Doi Kham. It is rural enough to have cows and chickens along the canal road where I run, but not many. The dogs are mostly sedate so there is little threat of being bitten, unlike many other places one might try and run.

Health Challenge for 1 Year

The health (or change to health) challenge comes from Joe Manganiello's book Evolution where he writes:

I want you to look at your failures, embrace them, and immerse yourself in them. Then I want you to use that pain as fuel and set up this one seemingly simple goal: What can you change in a year?

Starting Point - 31 July

For all intents and purposes this is 01 August 2021 to 31 July 2022. Though the exact dates are not so exact. I use the Xiaomi Mi Fit app and the Mi Band 5. For convenience sake, I'll start with 31 July, as that is when I started continuous workouts with intention:

  • Weight: 103.4kg
  • Body Score: 20
  • BMI: 30.8
  • Body Fat: 33.0%
  • Water: 47.9%
  • Protein 15.7%
  • Basal Metabolism: 1,793 kcal
  • Visceral fat: 16
  • Muscle: 65.76kg
  • Bone mass: 3.54kg
  • Body age: 54

Start of Week 2 - 08 August 2021

  • Weight: 104.1kg
  • Body Score: 20
  • BMI: 31.0
  • Body Fat: 32.9%
  • Water: 47.9%
  • Protein 15.8%
  • Basal Metabolism: 1,804 kcal
  • Visceral fat: 16
  • Muscle: 66.27kg
  • Bone mass: 3.56kg
  • Body age: 53

It is possible the difference between these two numbers is less than the range of error for the Mi Fit scale and the Mi Fit app. Nonetheless, going by these numbers I've gained some muscle (0.5kg) and some fat (0.2kg).

I'm starting somewhat slow, but my steps and heart rate data is quite positive. I've also started adding rowing and presses (there are two outdoor machines in a nearby park).

Step and Heart rate data

For the month (first eight days of August) I've got 11,084 average steps per day, and 1 hour 55 minutes of average activity.

Resting heart rate is between 63 and 58, which I consider a success. I prefer it to be under 60, though we will see if that can be achieved once I start the weight training.

On any given day the partitioning of heart rate between intensive, aerobic, anaerobic, and vo2 max is quite varied. Today (8/8) was a high vo2 max with 38 minutes, followed by 15 minutes of anaerobic, 6 minutes of aerobic, and 33 minutes of intensive activity.