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Publishing Linode Guides

Linode is my host of choice. While no host is perfect, I find them to be a good mix of competence, resources, and reasonable prices. They also have a number of different locations. In any case, anyone can write guides for Linode, provided they follow the guidelines. Guides are submitted as pull requests on Github which is of course quite enlightened.

Linode guide Writing Resources

Email and Delay

I had sent an email to contribute@linode without any response after 6 days. I filed a support request and they said to resubmit (and reached out to nudge). Got an email the next day but they were saying something about already having a guide (though that was incomplete). Strange as I have found on Linode documents not exactly duplicates but definitely some overlap (as there should be). Well, we will see how this works. Will shift over to some other, more responsive place that wants valuable content.

Follow up, no reply

This was the most frustrating part of the whole thing. Fourteen days latter I wrote a quick follow up email, just asking if there was a decision. Four days later and still no response. It is fine if they don't want a contributor, but the utter lack of a response to email means that the contribute part of Linode is broken. I'm sure there is some real reason, such as someone unwilling or unable to do their job, a lack of money to pay contributors, or some other bullshit. Too bad. Still like them as a hosting company, though less than before.

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