Genealogy Tools and Resources

Updated 14-Sep-2023

This is a grab bag websites, books, software, and services which have helped in this genealogical endeavor.

DNA Analysis

I started with FTDNA, and it is difficult working with them to do exports, or really anything that is beyond the basic interface. Also, their prices are high. YSeqDNA is cheaper, faster, better, but it requires already understanding which tests to take.

Family Trees

  • Gramps, tree-building app
  • WikiTree, online family tree wiki
  • Geni, online family tree tool + nagware for research access
  • TheNextGeneration, php/mysql website tool for tree-building/display, comprehensive (though not free or open source), about $35

Currently, I plan to use Gramps to build a comprehensive tree, and export that to GEDMatch. Also GEDMatch has the ability to import from WikiTree, in case collaborative discovery takes place with other WikiTree editors. TheNextGeneration is interesting and can digest GEDCOM files. Bob Juch now uses TNG. I find it ia bit unusable, and might instead try Humo-gen.

Note that the use of these databases for forensics instills a bit of unease regarding making public my data.