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Migrating WordPress to Github Pages

I've recently become a victim of extortionists who were able to gain access to my website database. Unfortunately my last backup was about 2.5 months previously. Instead of paying the 0.04 bitcoints (maybe 600 USD?), I've kissed most of the content that I will lose, goodbye. Oh well. Can't give into extortionists.

Regardless, I need off of WordPress as it makes me too much of a target. It is time to move to a static site generator / flat file site. I've previously tested out Grav, but found it really not very stable. I'm now considering Github Pages and then adding additional functionality through Jekyll/Ruby and some kind of shopping cart option (with Stripe as the payment processor).

Ecommerce on Github Pages

Jekyll Themes

Functionality Needed

  • Themes
  • Random quote
  • Shopping cart
  • Breadcrumb
  • Categories / tags
  • Sitemap.xml
  • Robots.txt
  • Cookie notice
  • Favicons
  • Header/footer scripts
  • Last modified timestamp
  • Sidebar
  • Lazy loader
  • Lightbox

Note that I run dozens of plugins, but they are all done to get the above working properly.

Jekyll Plugins

Plugins for Jekyll only work on Github Pages if they are whitelisted.

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