More Bullshit from Apple

The utter lack of transparency continues to disturb. Apparently the iPhone 5 has 1gb ram and is a dual core 1ghz processor. But this information is no where to be found on the website. It is optimized and so is faster than many dual and quad cores at the same speed. Fine, but why not release this information? Also the fact that it uses a new kind of SIM form factor. Not regular SIM card or Micro-SIM but a new kind. However, the real point here is that once again Apple is hiding information which other vendors make publicly available, and in head-to-head, while it is faster and thinner, the price difference is huge. Also, the screen is still smaller than a really nice 4.3" display, such as found on my new HTC One S, at nearly 40% less than the Iphone 5.