OSX Applications

Macbook Air

NOTICE: the below was updated on 09-NOV-2014, though still a bit incomplete. Also what is needed is the list of plugins/extensions for the various browsers. Below is meant to help with new OSX installations. However, the list of what is included is out of date. For more recent lists, see: OSX Install - March 2016.

SECOND NOTICE: I am no longer on OSX/Apple so this is more-or-less of historical interest only.

Configuration and Utilities

  • Asepsis, then once installed run:

find ~ -name .DS_Store -exec /bin/rm -f -- {} ; killall Finder

  • Air Display for using iPad as a remote/extended monitor

This is a somewhat current list of the applications that I run. This is an external reminder when rebuilding a machine, but also helps me think about my tools and workflow.

Mac App Store Applications

Appstore Apps (some cost money, some are free). The advantage of using the App store is that it makes it easy to update applications which have updates. However, there are disadvantages, namely some kind of sandboxing that takes place. It is better to not use the App Store than to use it, from what I can tell.

Apple Mac OSX Applications

  • iTunes - A necessary evil, but almost forgiven now that iCloud is actually working with iTunes Match

Open Source Applications

Proprietary Applications