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Personal Branding Exercise – Google Yourself

Googling oneself can be interesting. Of course each search result is a sample and it is important to use a browser that is not logged into Google. Here are the latest results for three permutations of my name:

Jeff McNeill

7 of 10 SERP results - positions 1,2,4,5,8,9,10 * * Online Faxing Options blog post * Massey University - Jeff McNeill (someone else) * Linked In * Flickr photostream * Jeff Mcneill Facebook (someone else) * Jeffrey McNeill (someone else) * BlipTV * Identica * MySpace

"Jeff McNeill"

Same results as above (usually this is at least a little different, but not this time)


8 of 10 SERP results - positions 1,2,3,4,5,7,8,10 * * Flickr photostream * Flickr people (profile) * User:Jeffmcneill - Wikipedia * Twitter * Massey University - Jeff McNeill (someone else) * Linkedin * Myspace * Jeff Mcneill Facebook (someone else) * BlipTV


  • BlipTV is important (I haven't posted any videos there in a while but a few are up there), this was a bit of a surprise. Note: Vimeo also came up in the second SERP page.
  • MySpace is still important
  • LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr, Identica, and Facebook are important
  • Having your name as a domain name is important
  • Universities generally rank highly
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