Simple Video Editing on OSX

I wanted to add an audio track to a video using the YouTube Video Editor. Apparently that is no longer a feature, or perhaps never was. (I seem to remember doing this in the past, but maybe not.) In any case, on OSX it is ridiculously annoying to do this simple task (merge an audio file with a video file).

  • I either have to pay $14.99 for iMovie for Mac OSX in the App Store. An additional (or stand-alone) version of iMovie on iOS is $4.99.
  • QuickTime Pro is $29.99, though it is possibly the easiest to use to perform this simple task.

Please share in my outrage at this kind of pricing behavior for a company that has $200 billion in cash (90% overseas). One can think of simple ways of dealing with this, say making all software free and moving expenses offshore. Certainly something like QuickTime Pro should be bundled with the operating system.

So, we turn to other options. First, of course there is Blender. However that is a bit overkill and quite intimidating. Similar to the intimidation that other tools such as GIMP and Inkscape perform on new users. That said, of course Blender is the future for all of us, so we must become familiar and learn to love the Blend. For some Blender tutorials see Mikeycal on YouTube.

That said, there is another option, the very simple AVIDEMUX, a handy cross-platform (Linux, BSD, OSX, Windows), free and open source (GPL) video editing tool. The process is nearly as simple as QuickTime Pro, and more intuitive.

  • Open video in AVIDEMUX
  • Select the settings (MPeg4x264, AAC(Faac), MP4 Muxer)
  • Audio > Select Track > Select audio file
  • Save As


An even easier approach to get a new audio is the settings:

  • Copy, Copy, Copy
  • Audio > Select Track > Select audio file
  • Save As

Also AVIDEMUX allows for trimming and joining video files and clips, as well export any given frame as an image. No titling or import of text or images, but this simple tool can help get simple tasks done quickly.