Devices and Platforms, Some Thoughts on Mobile and Tablet

Updated 30-Jan-2022

Here are some thoughts, somewhat random, but should be mentioned. This post won't be timely in the sense of the future, but perhaps for a little while in the present. Kindle Fire in hand

Amazon Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet

This is where the real tablet battle is shaping up, which makes perfect sense. The 10" tablet is ruled by Apple, but to focus they had to cede a competitive space. Amazon at $200 and Nook at $250 will duke it out.

Huawei and Chinese Tablets

The MediaPad looks great and is a real answer to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7" form factor. The only issue is pricing. Can they get it low enough to scale volume adoption. Likely not, but maybe in an alternate universe... httpv://

Microsoft Phone and Nokia

These guys might make a return. MS Phone 7.5 is supposed to be, well at least interesting and Nokia can make some good hardware. So there might be something here after all, if they can get MS Phone 8 out the door. In addition, Windows 8 on a tablet form factor, especially if they integrate the cloud and make the tablet and the desktop somewhat interoperable, could have something going. Poaching a Samsung exec is a sign that they understand where the battle lines are. The Nokia Lumia looks tasty...

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