Rogue OSX Processes

By rogue I mean those processes which are not beneficial (at least for my configuration). To start with there are those processes which actual communicate over the network. View Processes on OSX with nettop nettop Nettop is a built in process communication display utility, useful, especially with seeing what network interfaces are being used (for ... Read more

Apple Battery Woes

Lots of Apple devices suffer from the innovation of Apple Computer, including the iphone/ipod touch and macbooks. Some reality First, let's just say that non-replacable batteries certainly are replaceable. I've had the batteries replaced (with new ones) in my 2011 Macbook Air, and two 2012 iphones. This happened in 2016. Batteries and heat See also ... Read more

New Battery for 5 y/o MacBook Air

It cost me 3,300 THB for a new battery array for my 5 year old MacBook Air (2011). Bought new, the system is not often used on battery, but almost daily as my primary computer. Why replace a battery in a five year old computer? Just buy new. Sure, it only has 4gb of ram, ... Read more

OSX Approach to Cooling

My air conditioner died a few days ago and while it is a bit uncomfortable (I’m in Thailand and it is the hot season, so it gets up to around 34c in the office), it is insufferable to work when a 90 thread kernel process has 90% of the processor. It is really hard to ... Read more

OSX Internet Sharing

For when your wifi breaks down and all you have is an ethernet port on your DSL, and a Mac Mini. Not so bad, but it does keep the fan running and eat up the processor. Good for short term (ship out the broken wifi router, get replacement). Limitations of Internet Sharing on OSX Only ... Read more

Optimize OSX for SSD

Back in the early 1990s I realized that most computers were misconfigured. Even today, nearly 20 years later, the otherwise well-engineered Apple products have not solved this problem. SSD drive-based Macs can particularly benefit from a half-dozen or so tweaks. SSD - Reasons and Prices mid-2012 Once you go SSD, there is no going back. ... Read more

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