Delete Site Cache from Chrome

Chrome, why are you such crap at simple things? I need to delete the cache/cookies from a single website. It appears impossible these days. There is an odd work around, as follows: > Three Dots > Advanced > Content Settings > Cookies > See All Cookie and Site Data > {Search for site} > Remove ... Read more

Kindle on ChromeOS

Dealing with a Kindle (and ebook collection) on ChromeOS requires a different set of tactics than the more straightforeward use of Calibre (unless using it in Crostini is a choice). Functionality Required for Kindle on ChromeOS The basic functionality required includes: Uploading to Kindle device; Downloading from Kindle device; Converting files from epub to mobi ... Read more

ChromeOS Keyboard Shortcuts

This is a brief overview of ChromeOS Keyboard Shortcuts / Keystrokes. Hardware Key Differences No Windows key, no Command key However external keyboards can have these mapped to other keys Capslock Key replaced by Search Key Shft+Search = Capslock Remap Keys > Settings > Device > Keyboard Remap Capslock to Search key on external keyboards ... Read more

OSX to ChromeOS

Moving from OSX to ChromeOS can be complex because the ChromeOS ecosystem includes Android and Linux applications, though support for those platforms are not fully implemented as of July, 2018. Nevertheless there enough advantages to make a comprehensive attempt at such a migration desirable at this point in time. My personal reasons include an upcoming ... Read more

Chromebook ChromeOS Devices

Update early 2021 - Apparently ChromeOS outsold OSX in 2020. This makes sense as the strength of the ChromeOS is primarily in the education market, and that market exploded with demand because of Covid-19 school closures and the need for devices for remote schooling. This is an overview of what Chromebooks, Chromeboxes, and Chromebits can ... Read more

No More Underpowered Devices

I've reached the end of my patience for underpowered devices. I've entertained quite a few thin clients, including: Various Netbooks Chromebook Apple TV Chromecast Fire Stick Intel Compute Stick NEC MobilePro 770, 780, 790 (more on this below) Return on Investment The return on investment (ROI) of any device can be considered on the dimension ... Read more

Chrome Browser on Debian

Install Chrome on Debian sudo wget sudo dpkg -i google-chrome-stable_current_amd64.deb Create a Shortcut on Debian to Chrome Create a shortcut with the following command line: /usr/bin/google-chrome-stable --password-store=basic %U Update Chrome on Debian Simply run the first two commands to update Chrome on Debian, every, time.

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