Font Natively – WordPress

WordPress is rolling out a Native Font Stack which is meant to stop loading of external fonts (namely from Google). A very worthy endeavor. I've got this stack now running on toward the same end. I'm fine with the typography, and basically it has simply been a drop-in replacement for the previous stack. > ... Read more

Smart Interior Spaces

A smart home has a certain promise to it, that is, an intellect, a brain. But before we apply that metaphor we need to understand the basic elements of a home (and only after that, what would make it smart). But even the idea of a home is already too constraining and not accurate in ... Read more

Fonts, Typefaces, Typography

Note: All else being equal, select TTFs if they are hinted, and OTF fonts if not. Note: Symlink in fonts to /usr/share/fonts and fc-cache -fv in Debian and other Linux. Note: For managing fonts in Debian, see Managing Fonts in Debian Fonts, Typeface, and Typography -- what a mess. Not only does one have to ... Read more

Evolution is Adaptation, not Fate

Evolution is about adaptation (and natural selection) but the part most interesting is the adaptation that is possible in our individual lives. This does not mean we can become another species in one generation, but that we are an adaptive organism. Some folks talk about evolution in the same terms as fate. While this is ... Read more

Up is Down

What does it take to create a new normal? For the body, to make regular exercise the default and not exercising the abnormal condition? By exercise I mean something well, meaningful. A New Normal To create a new normal, more than incremental change is needed. Instead, a shift of subterranean tectonic plates is needed. Something ... Read more

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