YouTube Premium and YouTube Music

Google is a behemoth and has a variety of properties that one may need to use, for example: YouTube - to watch YouTube content, and to create and upload YouTube content YouTube Music - to listen to YouTube Music There are subscriptions available for YouTube Premium as well as YouTube Music Premium. As far as ... Read more

Disavow Links and Toxic Domains

Google says they don't have a concept of toxic domains. Yet they have a disavow links tool. And in particular there are situations where manual actions are accomplished based on paid links. So, if the domains aren't toxic, certainly links from certain domains might be. The idea that domains or links might not be toxic, ... Read more

How to Ditch Google Email

This is really about how to get off of Gmail/Google Email for Domains/Gsuite. It is not difficult to get off of Google Drive, and Google Photos, as well as Google Docs and Google Sheets, and the like. But there are certain advatages of Gmail/Google Mail, and the free version of GSuite, which I've been using ... Read more

Google Apps Free vs. G Suite

For those of us early adopters who managed to snag a 50 user (or 10 user) free google apps accounts, things are sweet. New users have to cough up $ 5 USD/mailbox/month (or $ 4.19 USD/mailbox/month provided yearly billing). What Google really wants is the $ 10 USD/month or $25 USD/month enhanced cloud services. Yeah, ... Read more

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