Nurtureshock by Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman is an amazing read that challenges so many preconceptions we have about children and child-raising. As the parent of a 3-year-old and a 5-year-old I can say that this book has had a big impact on my thinking. There are so many insights across the chapters, that for ... Read more

Keto diet

There are several advantages to a ketogenic or keto diet. The main problem is that one is faced with having to battle one's culture to do it. Keto as culturally rare Most developed or developing (non-hunter-gatherer) cultures are heavy consumers of carbohydrates: rice, pasta, bread. This is not to mention the impact of sweets and ... Read more

Facemask use for Covid-19

See all Covid-19 articles: Covid-19 Updates Covid-19 Vaccines Facemasks and Covid-19 Herd Immunity and Covid-19 Why People won't get Vaccinated Facemasks in the United States During the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the WHO and CDC initially performed a disservice by downplaying the advantages of facemasks. This was due to the critical shortage of these and the ... Read more

Future Studies and Pandemics

In the mid-2000s I attended courses in Future Studies at the University of Hawaii. Jim Dator, one of the founders of Future Studies in North America was there, and he had some useful, if soft, methods for going about understanding different futures. This is relevant to the latest pandemic because it is one of the ... Read more

The World Until Yesterday

The World Until Yesterday: What Can We Learn from Traditional Societies? by Jared Diamond My rating: 5 of 5 stars Wow, very interesting. If the past helps us understand the present, and help informed decisions on the future, then this work is an important one, and a fascinating read. There is an amalgam of different ... Read more

Toddler Constipation – Not Pooping!

Our three-year-old wasn't pooping regularly, which caused a lot of concern. Eventually we were going to go to the hospital for a thorough set of tests and what not, after about 4 months of once-per-week pooping. There are many potential causes and this behavior is not uncommon in 2-6 year olds. Possible things to try: ... Read more

Air Purification – Air Purifiers

Air Purification has a myriad of purifiers. There are roughly two kinds: Organics (formaldahyde, etc.) Particles (pm 10, pm 2.5, pm 1.0) Resources The effect of surface charge, negative and bipolar ionization on the deposition of airborne bacteria Air Quality Index (AQI) Basics Air Inoizer Ozone generators sold as air cleaners

Are Microwave Ovens Safe?

Cecil from The Straight Dope has an article from 2005: Does Microwaving Kill Nutrients in Food and is Microwaving Safe. The result of the article is actually that we don't really know for sure but research is being done. With that in mind, we proceed. What is a Safe Microwave Oven? Safety is a tricky ... Read more

The Brilliance of Napping

> just woke up from a nap, how fked up is that -- Mac Miller, Blue Slide Park I've discovered the brilliance of napping. The benefits are significant, but one has to have a system for it to work effectively. Power-Napping This is a bit like a focused recharge of one's batteries. Taking the time ... Read more

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