LMDE3 Cinnamon Modifications

Here are some ways of getting things tweaked. Your mileage may vary. Mint-Y-Dark This theme has some hardcoded colors in PNG files. Grayscale them with ImageMagick, as follows: for file in /usr/share/themes/Mint-Y-Dark/gtk-2.0/assets/*.png; do convert "$file" -colorspace Gray "$file"; done for file in /usr/share/themes/Mint-Y-Dark/gtk-3.0/assets/*.png; do convert "$file" -colorspace Gray "$file"; done Edit the /usr/share/themes/Mint-Y-Dark/gtk-2.0/gtkrc file for ... Read more

Scrollbars in Atom, Firefox, Cinnamon

Scrollbar usability is shoddy and slipping across wide swaths of the web and software in general. Of course I am getting older, which means this is more and more of an annoyance. We know already, and for some time, how to do scrollbar usability and accessibility. Putting aside voice commands, just the bare minimum of ... Read more

OpenVPN on Debian

OpenVPN on Debian is the second step in securing an operating system. Below we include ufw firewall installation and configuration as well. Related Artices in Debian Services and Applications Debian on AWS Lightsail OpenVPN on Debian + UFW Firewall Nginx and Letsencrypt on Debian PHP & MariaDB on Debian Grav CMS on Debian Note: install ... Read more

Debian on AWS Lightsail

This is a setup of several items, starting with Debian 9 on Amazon AWS Lightsail. This has server basics and apt, and then follows with links to additional articles. In general, after several years of running CentOS on Linode, and then Amazon Linux AMI on EC2 and Lightsail, I find that Debian 9 is simply ... Read more

IPA Keyboard Layout

Well, it turns out, there is no such thing, per se, as an IPA Keyboard Layout, at least not in the sense that there are keyboard layouts for various languages and layout styles (e.g., English, Dvorak, etc.). This seems to me to be a tremendous oversight, though it obviously came about because someone thought supporting ... Read more

Linux Mint Debian Edition 3

Note: since Debian has Cinnamon built-in as a desktop choice on install, and since the rest of Mint is Ubuntu or Debian (LMDE), it seems a bit nonsensical to go Mint when I can go Debian +Cinnamon. For Cinnamon interface changes, see: LMDE Cinnamon Modifications This document will be somewhat regularly updated with information, and ... Read more

ChromeOS – Apps, Config, Utilities

This is meant to help with the conversion from OSX to ChromeOS. For background on ChromeOS and Chromium, see chromium.org. See also a hardware discussion on Chromebooks, Chromebits, and Chromeboxes. What Chromebooks Can't (Yet) Do Note: the Crostini project means that a host of Linux apps and functionality can/will/may be on tap, which can affect ... Read more

Linux Kernel on the March

As of early 2018, ChromeOS and Desktop Linux have both crossed the 3% threshold. Android is approaching 50% for OS market share, and is in excess of that in terms of new devices. Heady times for the Linux Kernel indeed. While Android uses the Linux Kernel, nearly everything else in Android is customized, and therefore ... Read more

Linux Desktop – Apps, Config

This is about linux desktop issues (as opposed to server), and mainly deals with desktop-style configuration. See this post about shell and command-line utilities and environments. See also ChromeOS - Apps, Config, Utilities for the companion article on ChromeOS. Android Apps Android Emulators for Linux This is pretty much unneeded these days. Apps and Utilities ... Read more

Amazon Linux First Steps

First steps after logging into an Amazon Linux box: Set up the Name Services (DNS, Hostname) Properly Note there are several places this needs to be set. nano /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 Make this look as follows: DEVICE=eth0 BOOTPROTO=dhcp ONBOOT=yes TYPE=Ethernet USERCTL=yes PEERDNS=no DNS1= DNS2= DHCPV6C=yes DHCPV6C_OPTIONS=-nw PERSISTENT_DHCLIENT=yes RES_OPTIONS="timeout:2 attempts:5" DHCP_ARP_CHECK=no Note that this fixes the general VPC ... Read more

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