What still Sucks at Apple 08-08-14

First, I am an increasingly intensive user of Apple products, so this is not a hater perspective, but a user perspective. Also, it validates my own mishmash of hardware/software/services. In simple terms, Apple is great about hardware and the iOS and OSX operating system. These are all fantastic.

iCloud, Cloud Storage and Cloud Apps

However, as everyone knows, iCloud sucks. This suckiness is in so many dimensions including reliability, interoperability, and functionality. Roger McNamee made this point (iCloud suckiness) on Bloomberg in August. It is easy to see the suckiness when compared with competitors. Dropbox is great for file storage and sharing. Google Docs is create for document editing and sharing (and shared editing). Gmail is still by far the best mobile/web email solution. For synchronizing/managing passwords there is Lastpass, and for bookmarks there is Xmarks (acquired by Lastpass). If Apple were smart it would simply buy Dropbox and Lastpass, whatever the price.

Printing and Print Sharing

How printing remains a barrier, is beyond me. Try printing from one Mac to another, continue issues, mindboggling. Network file sharing is not much better. The distributed security system is quite strange, and accounts need to proliferate.


The suckiness here is so amazing, the only thing that saves it is iTunes and Airplay. Of course GoogleTV/AndroidTV is not much better so something homemade like MythTV is needed (Roku doesn't count, when all you want to do is play your own library).


Ipod Shuffle hasn't changed in capacity (2gb) from a 2008 model, and actually reversed capacity from a 2009 model (from 4gb back to 2gb).

Macbook Air

Now this is a great product. However, the limitations on memory availability are unfathomable. RAM is vital to the bloated operation systems much less browsers with multiple tabs open. However, this is a minor point when comparing the multiple issues in other parts of the business, as discussed above.

Things that Don't Suck

iOS and the iPhone are going to truly surpass Android with the next iOS edition (specifically fixing the keyboard issue, as well as having a larger display screen). As someone who spent 4 years on a high-end Nokia/Symbian system (N82), and 4 years on a variety of HTC devices with Android (Desire, One S, One), iOS/iPHone is a breath of fresh air. And of course OSX on the MacBook Air (I use a 2011 model 13") is great hardware (256gb SSD, 4gb RAM), though the RAM is underpowered. Great screen, keyboard, trackpad, and portability.