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Why I am not in India or Nepal at the moment

I have had plans to travel through India (briefly) and in Nepal (for about a month). I am postponing these plans. This means it will likely be next year to get to Nepal. Simply, right now is not a good time, but for good reasons. When I began planning the trip about 10 weeks ago, I was busy but a bit bored. My projects were all long-term and not a lot of visible progress could be seen. I wanted to do something, and have some adventure. So I began the travel planning. Since then actually several things have changed and there has been visible progress in many of my long-term projects. * I have lost 8kg and gotten the body into shape through 5 days/week in the gym * I have new clients as an Internet Marketing and Ecommerce Consultant * The first publication from a new business partnership is almost ready for the printer, and we have begun several other projects In sum, now is not a good time to travel as I have responsibilities to myself and especially to other people to continue these projects and move things forward.

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