Jeff McNeill

Updated 11-Sep-2021

Jeff McNeill

I have multiple interests. This makes it hard for readers to make sense of the content on this site, as it is varied and diverse.



  • Education and learning
  • Parenting and child-raising


  • Linux and open source software
  • Technical web



I have two newsletters: personal and technical. Personal includes poetry, parenting, books, cooking, genealogy, and education. Technical includes devops, linux, open source, and the technical web.

Experience and Interests

  • 25 years of network engineering and technical Internet
  • 12 years of Internet marketing (strategy, brand-building, advertising, SEO)
  • 12 years of publishing (digital and print)
  • 7 years of university teaching

My professional interests inlcude marketing consulting, publishing, and open source software. We have two small children so early childhood development and healthy living are important to our family. I am a technologist, a writer, a marketer, a husband and father.

Internet Marketing Consultant (2009 - Present)

Internet marketing (strategy, brand building, SEO, SEM, CRO) for the past 12 years, working on projects in Europe, the United States, India, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

University Lecturer (2001 - 2009)

7 years teaching undergraduate courses and seminars in marketing, public relations, communication, management, and networking, while attending a PhD program at the tier 1 research university, the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Columbia Communications Scholar.

Network Engineer (1994 - 2000)

Spent 6 years in Information Technology in Fortune 1,000 corporate environments, deploying and managing email, file, database, and web servers in the US, Europe, and Asia. This included network architecture, network security, performance tuning, and troubleshooting.


Doctoral Degree (2001 - 2009)

PhD Communication and Information Sciences, University of Hawaii at Manoa (ABD)

Master's Degree (1999 - 2001)

MS Information Management and Systems, University of California at Berkeley. UC Regents Scholar.

Bachelor's Degree (1991 - 1994)

BA Interdisciplinary Studies, University of California at Berkeley. Magna cum Laude. Phi Beta Kappa.