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Jeff Mcneill

On this site I publish articles on technical topics around systems administration (devops), being a dad/concerned citizen, and other miscellaneous topics. This site also has other publications, including a draft memoir based on genetic genealogy of my patrilineal Y-DNA. This has been a hobby for the past 10+ years, and the findings are of interest to those who share my dna.

Experience and Interests

Based in Southeast Asia since 2008, I've worked on publishing projects focused on English-speaking markets. I'm a supporter of open source software and open content publishing. 24 years of network engineering and technical web; 10 years of publishing; 7 years of university teaching. My interests over the next decade or so include educational psychology, education software, and machine learning. This is essentially where the so-called learning sciences doubles back on itself to merge back into the original attempt at artificial intelligence. I have two small children so early childhood development and education is of great interest, though all my roles as an educator have been at the university level.

Publisher & Devops (2009 - Present)

Publisher and Devops (Internet platform development and operations) for the past 10 years. Focus on Southeast and South Asia and the Pacific, including projects in Hawaii, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Thailand, and Vietnam -- most recently Thai Language Cards and 7 Classics on War and Politics.

University Lecturer (2001 - 2009)

7 years teaching undergraduate courses and seminars in communication, management, and networking, while attending a PhD program at a tier 1 research university. Columbia Communications Scholar.

Master's Degree (1999 - 2001)

MS Information Management & Systems, UC Berkeley. UC Regents Scholar.

Network Engineer (1994 - 2000)

Spent 6 years in Information Technology in Fortune 1,000 corporate environments, deploying and managing email, file, database, and web servers in the US, Europe, and Asia. This included network architecture, network security, performance tuning, and troubleshooting.

Bachelor's Degree (1991 - 1994)

BA, Interdisciplinary Studies, UC Berkeley. Magna cum Laude. Phi Beta Kappa.

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