Expatriate Family

The needs of an expatriate family, especially one with small children, are dramatically different from that of a single expat or a couple. The same could be send for the differences between female and male expats, though they are not as numerous. There are so many areas that are impacted: Healthcare Schooling Visas and Residency ... Read more

10 Trillion x 100 Billion

10 trillion galaxies times 100 billion stars. One trillion squared. That's what we are talking about. In addition, the universe is possibly 250 times larger than the observable universe. Mind boggling. First Observed Interstellar Object 'Oumuamua is possibly a lightsail object sent for observation, and in any case is definitely from outside the solar system ... Read more

Climate as a Resource

Ran across an intriguing study that models climate as a (localized) resource and variable impacts on different kinds of tourism. This looks at the Bay of Palma (Majorca) and in particular shows impacts on seasonality. > ... optimal conditions are projected to degrade during the peak visitation period while improving in spring and autumn. That ... Read more

Birth Tourism

The big issues for prenatal (besides choice of the mother) included (but are not limited to): Place of birth Country of birth Hospital/home or birthing center Country of Birth Note for country of birth, the idea is to get dual or triple citizenship. This is possible if one or both parents are from a country ... Read more

The Many Kinds of Tourism

There are many different kinds of travel and tourism. Below is a list not exhaustive but extensive. To be honest, tourism as an industry is not necessarily a great thing. That said, there are opportunities inside of the experiences... The Many Different Kinds of Tourism There are many types of tourism, below is meant to ... Read more

Strange Days – Magic, Superstition

Magic or Superstition Living in Thailand means being surrounded by ghosts, magic incantations, and spiritual seers. The longer one lives here the more the beliefs and their apparent reality prey upon the mind. Good Luck, Bad Luck Good luck is not just about avoiding the bad, but mitigating the bad. Only extreme religions think in ... Read more