SCP – Secure Copy

scp, the secure version of cp, aka copy, is pretty great, since it is straightforward to copy one or more files or directories from any one machine to any other machine (and the command could be running on a third machine).

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AutoSSH (and MOSH)

Note: This started out as a page about MOSH, but I've moved on to AutoSSH, which is way easier without much configuration, and better at what it does. I had not been aware of Mosh (mobile shell), though clearly its own level of awesome is not a reason for that. Basically it replaces SSH, but ... Read more

Pandoc, Markdown, XeLaTeX, EPUB

EPUB documents are essentially a kind of html document as a collection of files which are zipped, and include html, css, images, and some XML pages. There are several ways of organizing these, but the most straightforward is one html document for each chapter (or section), a set of images organized in a subfolder, and a few metadata files regarding the collection. An epub document can be even simpler, and consist of a single html file, no images, and a few metadata files.

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KeePass, OTP, and Themes

Originally published 2018-09-06, updated 2020-07-29 My beloved KeepassX has not seen a release since 2016, but a newer fork entitled KeePassXC has. The latest version looks very much the same when viewed from LMDE3 with a dark theme. The added functionality is quite nice: A TOTP Seed and Code Generator. For native theme support (under ... Read more

Writing Style Guide

This Document Part of a Complete Set of Style Guides

NOTE: figure out how to merge / reference this with /markdown

Purpose of Text Style Guide

This Text Style Guide is for all textual communication including email, website, social media, brochures, ebooks, etc. as well as all printed material. This guide includes markup style and writing style.

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Image Style Guide

This Style Guide is one member of a Complete Set of Style Guides Purpose of an Image Style Guide This Image Style Guide is for all visual communication including photographs, drawings and the like on websites, social media, static images in video, as well as all printed material. Here are some guidelines that should help ... Read more

Video Style Guide

This Document Part of a Complete Set of Style Guides

This document provides guidance on the creation and management of video for social media, as well as advertising on video platforms. In particular, video needs to be optimized for SEO purposes and for particular platforms. Just as written content and image content needs to be optimized in order to match or beat the competition, video is just as important. Video SEO needs as much, if not more, planning and thoughtful editing and curation as text and image content SEO.

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