Audio on Debian

Audio can be a pain on Linux. One thing is the rather low quality of PulseAudio, which is common. The next is the layered configuration of ALSA as a driver and JACK as a connector. However, JACK can override PAVU, so things don't stay in their neat little boxes. That said, I've come to some ... Read more

Format USB Drive from Command Line

To format a USB drive from the Linux command line, we use the following commands: df - disk free umount - unmount filesystems, see also the mount command mkfs - make filesystem lsblk - list block devices df command to display drives df -h Identify the USB drive to format umount command to unmount the ... Read more

Debian LXDE Keyboard Configuration

DRAFT For Debian LXDE there are a few places to configure the keyboard and keyboard shortcuts. LXPanel Enable the Keyboard Layout Handler in Panel Preferences > Panel Applets Once enabled, right-click on the Keyboard Layout Handler and select "Keyboard Layout Handler" Settings Change Layout Option set to grp:lwin_toggle which sets the left windows key to ... Read more

Install Linode Longview on Debian

Linode Longview is a nice web GUI to see instance resource utilization for the last 12 hours (or more if paid). Unfortunately it is easy to get an error installing Linode Longview with their script. Below is how to perform a manual installation. For troubleshooting once it is up and running, see this guide Linode ... Read more

SanDisk Clip Jam

Silly name, a bit bulky, but overall a functional mp3 music player. The venerable ipod shuffle is sorely missed. SanDisk Clip Jam features MP3 player Radio 8gb or 32gb storage sdcard support a bit bulky crap menu system unintuitive buttons Sandisk Clip Jam Playlist Lament My review of the Sandisk Clip Jam is a lament ... Read more

Pelican – Python-based Static Site Generator

Pelican is a python-powered static site generator that is likely the most popular and mature of its kind. It has extensive documentation. Pelican quickstart (docs) Pelican features Articles (e.g., blog posts) and pages (e.g., “About”, “Projects”, “Contact”) Integration with external services Site themes (created using Jinja2 templates) Publication of articles in multiple languages Generation of ... Read more

Debian + LXDE Installation

Debian 11 Bullseye Alpha 1 / 3 These are notes from an initial installation of Debian 11 (Bullseye) Alpha 1 from 2019-11-30, and A new reinstall using Alpha 3 from 2020-12-20. This is meant as the daily driver on an Intel NUC6CAYH, which is a four core celeron with 8gb of ram and a 256gb ... Read more

Install Debian from USB

One of the easiest and most straightforward ways of installing Debian linux is by a USB drive that has a bootable ISO installed on it. To prepare this, one needs three things and four steps: USB drive Any USB drive over a certain size should work. The current Bullseye Alpha 3 is 3.7gb so a ... Read more

Intel NUC – Hardware

The Intel NUC (Next Unit of Computing) is a 4" x 4" board (4.5" x 4.5" x 2.0" case) integrated computer. It comes in kit (without ram or storage) or as assembled computers. With the ATX form factor going away, the NUC form factor is increasingly viable as a general purpose replacement. There are even ... Read more

LineageOS on Xiaomi

I've run custom roms in the past, when Cyanogenmod was the rage, on an HTC Desire (bravo). The main reason was the 576mb of ram made increasingly bloated Google services untenable. I think I modded another HTC after that, but then went down the rabbit hole of the Iphone 5. After that one got tiresome/wore ... Read more