Chicken Thighs

Cooking chicken thighs quickly and easily is important. The main concept is to have the skin side down for the first half of cooking (starting with a cold unoiled pan, or wire cooking rack, for about 15 minutes), then turning over for the final 10 minutes, and broiling. Oven temperature should be about 220c. Internal ... Read more

Samba on Linux

If one wants to say, stream video or music from a file system, but using a different computer. This is not difficult with Samba (aka CIFS) on Linux. Using apps like VLC on Google TV will allow connectivity to the drive over the network. Install and Configure SMB sudo apt install samba sudo nano /etc/samba/smb.conf ... Read more

Acellus Learning – Review

Hawaii Dept. of Education opposing Acellus Cloud of controversy follows Dr. Hydrogen Hawaii DOE’s Distance Learning Tool Very, Very Questionable The extremely weird story of a remote-learning company that’s making parents livid AKA Power Homeschool

Snake Games

Snake games are quite popular. The first widely played snake game is of course snakes and ladders which originated in 2nd century CE India. The game was imported into the UK in the 1890s and made its way to the US as chutes and ladders, snakes apparently too scary for small children. Snake Video Game ... Read more

Svelte, Svelte Kit, Svelte Native

I've started on Svelte and Svelte Kit since it seems to produce an excellent product with minimal code. I buy into the basic concepts of the benefits of Svelte (over all other frameworks). There is also Svelte Native. I was reading up on Cloudflare Pages, which apparently has gone full stack, and it mentions the ... Read more

Generated Faces

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