Bookbindery at Home

Printing is easy but making a nice binding is not as simple or easy. Many people use comb binding / spiral bound, which also make it easier to lay the book pages flat and to turn them. Useful when using the book as a reference, or simply having multiple readers. Lumbeck Bookbinding Lumbeck bookbinding is ... Read more

Inkscape Image Export

Exporting Images with Inkscape 1.1 The image export functions of Inkscape have improved significantly with the release of Inkscape 1.1. The menus for this feature are not elegant, and even image export is still labeled Export PNG Images. However, the functionality for a variety of export filetypes and settings are now in Inkscape, and there ... Read more

Kamancheh – Musical Instrument

A middle eastern string instrument played with a bow (and also can be plucked), this is a gorgeous sound. I see Kamancheh (and Daf, a middle eastern drum) played along with hang drums, and also the oud (a plucked string instrument similar to a lute).

The Theramin (Musical Instrument)

The Theramin was invented in 1920 by Leon Theremin (Lev Sergeyevich Termen). Introduction to the Theramin The Ecstacy of Gold Introduction to The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Moog Theremins Moog Theremins Moog Theremini Open Theremin Open Theramin Open Theramin kit on Ebay

Phantasms of past sins

Phantasms of past sins Slip into dreams shimmering Victory short-lived Procrustean chimes Punctuate the dawn enfolding

Markdown Extra Unofficial

Markdown Extra Unofficial is a WordPress plugin supporting Markdown Extra the parser by Michel Fortin. There are several markdown plugins for WordPress, however most require that markdown be put in a block or a shortcode. This plugin is meant to be used with the Classic Editor and parse all text in pages and posts, excerpts, ... Read more


Nurtureshock by Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman is an amazing read that challenges so many preconceptions we have about children and child-raising. As the parent of a 3-year-old and a 5-year-old I can say that this book has had a big impact on my thinking. There are so many insights across the chapters, that for ... Read more

Sibilant whispers

Sibilant whispers Far afield the breeze beckons Rustling smiles sing Cold promises of seasons' Sussuration of sorrows

News Sources

Where I get my news, besides the usual suspects such as Twitter, Bloomberg, NYTimes, Washington Post, etc. Cooking & Food Hngry Once upon a chef Stained page news Economics The Atlantic Council Marketing and Product Demand Curve Directive Consulting SASSmarketer The Beautiful Mess (product development) Parenting Janet Lansbury Kavanaugh Report Screen Free Parenting The Montessori ... Read more

Book Reading List 2020

Here are some highlights from my reading from 2020, though certainly the books were not all published in 2020. Because I didn't produce this list for 2019 I will cheat and include a few from the second half of the year in this list. I get my reading list from several sources: firsthand recommendations from ... Read more