Hardware Spec Minimums 2024

These specs are meant to help with acquisition decisions. More is usually better, and certainly for future-proofing purchases. Note that these are not adequate for modern games such as Starfield. Desktop and Laptop For processors, there is more leeway, but one should get the latest generation of whichever processor line is needed (e.g, for Intel ... Read more

Pokemon Go tactics

Some basic (very basic) Pokemon Go tactics: Buddy system Most efficient approach to hearts for Buddies: Only feed buddies berries once per day Start with play (rub the head of the Pokemon, for some like Regigas without any obvious head then torso). Then take photo Then feed berries Then engage in battle with: Team Go ... Read more

Smart Control (drive health app)

[smartctl](https://www.baeldung.com/linux/storage-device-check-health) is a tool for testing hard drives. There is a graphical interface called gsmartcontrol which oddly cannot be found in the standard Debian testing repository but is otherwise available.

LMDE to Xfce desktop environment

I've been having trouble with the sleep cycle of a new monitor, such that causes problems with the LXDE lxpanel app. Basically the panel unloads when the monitor sleeps (or awakes). Since lxpanel is more or less frozen, I've looked to other desktop distributions to remedy this. Though I am generally satisfied with LXDE, it ... Read more

Removable Disk Volume Name

To change the volume name of a removable disk (USB / SD), in Debian (or other Linux): Open up > Accessories > Disks Click on device Click on gears icon (Additional partition options) Edit Filesystem Enter partition name

Homemade Yogurt

Yogurt (Yoghurt) is a great food. Compared with cheese and milk, it is better in terms of a healthy body. It can be used in a variety of ways for cooking, not only a standard cup of yogurt with fruit. Here are some of the ways we use yogurt: Muesli, fruit, milk and creamy yogurt ... Read more

Glycemic Index, Glycemic Load

With the Life Diet Plan the idea is multifold, with the goals of: Prevent disease Increase metabolism and energy Control appetite Enhance natural hormone levels Diet is one part of a two-part plan, the other being exercise. Just as the diet is specific in numerous ways, so is the exercise. This then comes down to ... Read more

Climate Temperature Increase

Wet bulb temperatures of 32c means that humans have to lie down and not take part in any activities, while 35c is lethal. Not only humans will suffer but all animals and plants. The potential for ecosystem failure and food insecurity is much higher than worrying about sea-level rise. Indeed, the collapse of ocean habitats ... Read more

Can I use PPAs on Debian?

PPAs are personal package archives that allow people to distribute application packages to Ubuntu distributions. Since Ubuntu is based on Debian, and PPA packages are in the .deb format, they can theoretically be used in Debian. However, there are several complications that need to be understood: Why PPAs are not recommended for use in Debian ... Read more