Format USB Drive from Command Line

To format a USB drive from the Linux command line, we use the following commands: df - disk free umount - unmount filesystems, see also the mount command mkfs - make filesystem lsblk - list block devices df command to display drives df -h Identify the USB drive to format umount command to unmount the ... Read more

Debian LXDE Keyboard Configuration

DRAFT For Debian LXDE there are a few places to configure the keyboard and keyboard shortcuts. LXPanel Enable the Keyboard Layout Handler in Panel Preferences > Panel Applets Once enabled, right-click on the Keyboard Layout Handler and select "Keyboard Layout Handler" Settings Change Layout Option set to grp:lwin_toggle which sets the left windows key to ... Read more

Anti-vaxx Movement

This is meant as a set of resources regarding the Anti-vaxx movement, in general and specifically in the light of Covid-19. Studies and Findings regarding the Anti-vaxx movement Widespread acceptance of a vaccine for severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) will be the next major step in fighting the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, ... Read more

Covid-19 Updates

See all Covid-19 articles: Covid-19 Updates Covid-19 Vaccines Facemasks and Covid-19 Herd Immunity and Covid-19 Why People won't get Vaccinated Most recent updates This is meant to show latest news and updates to Covid-19. It is not meant to be comprehensive, but rather suggestive and providing some recent information that might not fit elsewhere or ... Read more

Why people won’t get vaccinated

See all Covid-19 articles: Covid-19 Updates Covid-19 Vaccines Facemasks and Covid-19 Herd Immunity and Covid-19 Why People won't get Vaccinated This is by no means exhaustive, and is currently incomplete, but is meant to help me better understand those who are vaccine-hesitant and vaccine-rejectors in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. In some cases a ... Read more

Install Linode Longview on Debian

Linode Longview is a nice web GUI to see instance resource utilization for the last 12 hours (or more if paid). Unfortunately it is easy to get an error installing Linode Longview with their script. Below is how to perform a manual installation. For troubleshooting once it is up and running, see this guide Linode ... Read more

Health Challenge – Week 1

I'm starting on 31 July 2021, only because that is the day I started, but I consider August the first month of this challenge. I haven't been doing standard workouts, just sporadic and intermittent exercise (mostly running, but some swimming (when the pool was open) and some bicycling. Morning runs are the best because it ... Read more

Inkscape Image Export

Exporting Images with Inkscape 1.1 The image export functions of Inkscape have improved significantly with the release of Inkscape 1.1. The menus for this feature are not elegant, and even image export is still labeled Export PNG Images. However, the functionality for a variety of export filetypes and settings are now in Inkscape, and there ... Read more

SanDisk Clip Jam

Silly name, a bit bulky, but overall a functional mp3 music player. The venerable ipod shuffle is sorely missed. SanDisk Clip Jam features MP3 player Radio 8gb or 32gb storage sdcard support a bit bulky crap menu system unintuitive buttons Sandisk Clip Jam Playlist Lament My review of the Sandisk Clip Jam is a lament ... Read more

Astronomy for Children

My five-year-old is obsessed with size comparisons of planets, stars, and larger and smaller astronomical objects (as well as structures on earth). His interests have expanded greatly my own knowledge of astronomy. At first I thought it would be interesting to buy a telescope and play with that, but there isn't much to see with ... Read more