21 Month old Child – Observations

Updated 28-Jun-2024

At 21 months, here are a few observations: - The child seems more alert about language. Can read the alphabet, but cannot make all the sounds. Problems with g, s, ch, sh, ks, and not strong on th (both voiced and unvoiced) and z. - Is starting to repeat words that he has heard repeatedly in the past, including swear words, so at this point parents become aware of their own language use. - Can put together two words red car, dad shoes. - The boy is now 87cm tall which means he can rid the push bike (though he hasn't much). - Likes to run (and to say the word run), and to jump (and to say the word jump, though it comes out garbled). - Is more obedient, though far from comprehensively. - Has a lot of energy - Likes to scream when excited (or when talking back to the whistling kettle) - Is now tall enough to stand and walk the push bike. He's outgrown the tricycle, with his knees not fully extending, and he really likes the push bike, so we are onto the next step of cycling. - Can throw a ball with some accuracy but eye-hand coordination in catching is still far off. We are back on with playing with the superballs, as he loves seeing them bounce around and he likes running to catch them. There was a period of time when he started throwing them that we had to put them away for about six months. - A sponge cutout of the alphabet letters that he can pick up and push back into the frame (as a first puzzle) is is favorite toy. A second one with wood pieces is equally fun. - His drawing is still not-controlled lines, but he likes crayons, and whiteboard markers.