Browser Wars 2016

Updated 28-Jun-2024

Looking at recent data, what I see is the death of Firefox and Internet Explorer. Too bad for the former (you had your chance), and expected for the latter (and no, Edge isn't showing any real adoption rate). One surprise is how Safari is showing uptake on the Mac platform. I find this browser basically crippled from a UI perspective (though I did have a hack with SIMBL and Safari.Stand, but how sad is that, just to get the browser to show the proper URL in the top bar, and favicons in the tabs!). In any case, Firefox and IE are now below 10%. While I've got a love/hate relationship with Chrome, I haven't got back to Firefox in months and months. Yes, I still use it in terms of TorBrowser, but that's about it. And Safari is only good as a testing platform. One thing I was also surprised at is how few iphone users use Chrome (which I find faster and integrates with my tabs and history for Chrome on the desktop). Something like 10:1 stick with Safari. Chrome has over 50% on Windows and Mac, and over 75% on Android. It is a bit sad however, when you see Firefox having less market share than Opera Mini on Android.