Cacao / Cocoa Powder and Uses

Updated 28-Jun-2024

Cacao or Raw Cocoa Powder

This stuff is great. I imported it from the US and it in turn comes from Peru. There are two things I do with this: hot chocolate and cacao (cocoa) pancakes.

Cocoa Pancakes

Two teaspoons go into each pancake batter (also made from scratch with honey), making it a mocha-colored creation and the cocoa flavor is present but without overwhelming sweetness. We tend to put a lemon curd on the pancakes (which I will be attempting to make from scratch next month).

Authentic Hot Cocoa

For hot chocolate, 300ml of milk, tablespoon of honey, tablespoon of raw cacao, stir over low flame for five minutes. Poor into cup so the dregs stay in the pan.

DIY Foodism

There are several advantages to this kind of DIY Foodism, including removing money from the global companies, stop consuming food and beverages which are quite unhealthy, control the flavor of what you prepare by starting from the basic component ingredients. Also it is kind of fun to learn about how all this works and experiment in the kitchen.