The Oregon Trail

Play The Oregon Trail (1990) Online at I Designed The Oregon Trail, You Have Died of Dysentery - The lead designer of The Oregon Trail explains his team's process for creating the most successful educational computer game of all time.

What is Notion?

Wikipedia says: > Notion is a notetaking software and project management software that is used for note-taking, task management, project management, knowledge management, and personal knowledge management. The app uses databases and markdown pages for use in personal and collaboration work. This is a bit unwieldy, but so is Notion, which does have a bit ... Read more

AI Writing Tools

AI Writing Tools Jarvis Shortly AI LongShot ScaleNut PitchGround ClosersCopy Longshot WordHero Surfer's Outline Quilbot Nichess Writerbash Broca Replika Basis of Natural Language Model The primary basis is GPT2 and GPT3 (175 billion parameters) with possibly some using GPT Neo (open source, currently 6 billion parameters) from the ... Read more

Tenderizing Chicken

Home-raised chickens -- gai-baan in Thai -- can be extremely tough. The main reasons is that the chicken has a normal life, and is not kept sedentary, overfed, given growth hormones, nor treated with enzymes after being slaughtered. There are three approaches to tenderizing this standard-variety chicken: Brine the chicken for 12-24 hours (less time ... Read more

Learn to Program with Scratch

Scratch is a visual drag-and-drop programming language developed at MIT. It is the most popular programming language for young learners, with 73 million monthly visits to the website. It is available as mobile apps and the main website, where projects can be shared and remixed. Scratch v. 3.0 is implemented in Javascript which along ... Read more

Salad Niçoise

Salad Nicoise, (pronounced sa-lad nih-swaaz), aka Salad Niçoise, aka La Salada Nissarda, aka the salad from Nice (nees). > Salade niçoise (French pronunciation: ​[niˈswaz]), la salada nissarda in the Niçard dialect of the Occitan language, is a salad that originated in the French city of Nice. It is traditionally made of tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, Niçoise ... Read more

Homemade sun-dried Tomatoes

Tomatoes are a great thing. Though thought of as a vegetable, they are biologically a fruit. They also improve nutritionally upon being cooked. We eat them raw; and cooked as a sauce over pasta, vegetables, or meats; as a tomato juice; and as tomato soup. Sun-dried tomatoes and herbs in olive oil are a wonderful ... Read more

Bicycling in Chiang Mai

While in Thailand, the dangers of bicycling should not be understated. The main issue is the unwritten rule that smaller vehicles (motorcycles, bicycles, pedestrians) are to give way to larger vehicles (cars and trucks). There is no right of way for bicycles, or pedestrians for that matter. The second main issue is dogs. That said, ... Read more