Snake Games

Snake games are quite popular. The first widely played snake game is of course snakes and ladders which originated in 2nd century CE India. The game was imported into the UK in the 1890s and made its way to the US as chutes and ladders, snakes apparently too scary for small children. Snake Video Game ... Read more

Homemade Dill Pickles Recipe

These last a few weeks (or longer), and are a quick alternative to a longer pickling procedure. Ingredients 500g small cucumbers (ideally 9 cucumbers, somewhat skinny bunch of fresh dill 250g water 120g white vinegar 1 tsp salt 2 cloves of garlic (more for spicy) Utensils 2 pint size mason jars Procedures Combine water, vinegar, ... Read more

Sea Salt, Kosher Salt, Table Salt

There are differences in salt. Kosher Salt Kosher Salt generally is only sodium chloride (NaCl), without iodine or other trace minerals or additives, and is coarse grain. It is called kosher salt due to being large grained and suitable for the kosher blood draining process (ensure that kosher salt is certified kosher if needed for ... Read more

Svelte, Svelte Kit, Svelte Native

I've started on Svelte and Svelte Kit since it seems to produce an excellent product with minimal code. I buy into the basic concepts of the benefits of Svelte (over all other frameworks). There is also Svelte Native. I was reading up on Cloudflare Pages, which apparently has gone full stack, and it mentions the ... Read more

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