China Wants to Kill my Child

Updated 28-Jun-2024

Well, no not all of China, and not the government, at least not specifically. But indeed, the manufacturing in China is almost wilfully hazardous. Stories abound on a near daily basis of the kinds of products that are passed off as genuine, both to the Chinese people themselves (such a homicidal/suicidal country) and to export markets. Here is a sampling of either newspaper headlines or word of mouth:

  • Sticks of meat, actually made of wood (the meat, not the sticks)
  • Dead chicken carcasses collected from a village, then butchered and the flesh painted to look healthy
  • Melons injected with growth accelerators and sweeteners. Note that even when the fruit is damaged and cannot be sold to people, it is fed to animals such as pigs and fish (which are then sold to be eaten)
  • Melamine tainted milk, and other baby formula scandals

Aside from the actual food, I've personally experienced plastic water bottles that poisoned the water so badly after a 1 hour ride, that it burned my mouth and throat and had to be thrown away.

If you have a child, China is an exceptionally depressing nemesis. The main issue has to do with so many things made in China. The first step is to avoid such products altogether. However, either that is not possible in some cases, or as well, China is not the only country where poisons are either an ingredient or a by-product of the manufacturing process. The simple fact that Thailand (along with India) is one of two countries where asbestos is still manufactured and used in building materials. Yes, asbestos.

Where to Begin to Find Safe Products

One website that is useful is Safbaby. Besides things like choking hazards and other physical issues, the use and existence of chemicals is the big danger, in things that babies will wear, will touch and likely put in their mouths. Everything from soaps and cleaners (hair, body, bottle, diaper, clothes), to toys, blankets, and floor coverings.

Most recently I've started to consider various floor mats. Obviously I want to avoid China, but most big brands manufacture there. Apparently there are significant problems with many foam mat products currently on the market.