ChromeOS Keyboard Shortcuts

Updated 30-Jan-2022

This is a brief overview of ChromeOS Keyboard Shortcuts / Keystrokes.

Hardware Key Differences

  • No Windows key, no Command key
    • However external keyboards can have these mapped to other keys
  • Capslock Key replaced by Search Key
    • Shft+Search = Capslock

Remap Keys

> Settings > Device > Keyboard

  • Remap Capslock to Search key on external keyboards
  • Remap External Meta (aka Win/CMD) to Control Key
    • this will preserve the keys pressed for basics such as select all, copy, paste, undo, find, etc.

Function Keys

Function keys can generally be accessed by a Function Key and a Function Number Key. In ChromeOS, the top row functionality can be accessed on external keyboards via Fn + Fn#. Here are the top row functional keys in ChromeOS:

Key Function in ChromeOS
Esc Esc
Fn-1 Previous/Last
Fn-2 Forward/Next
Fn-3 Reload page (also Ctrl+R)
Fn-4 Fullscreen Toggle
Fn-5 Overview (akin to Alt+Tab, Alt+Shift+Tab)
Fn-6 Dim
Fn-7 Brighten
Fn-8 Mute
Fn-9 Volume Down
Fn-10 Volume Up
Lock Lock

There is a setting in > Settings > Keyboard to change the top row to Function keys (for app-specific needs), and also they can be accessed by using Search + 1-12.

Note that these keys and settings effect the internal keyboard as well as external keyboards

Help Keyboard Shortcuts

Key Function in ChromeOS
Ctrl+Shift+/ Help
Ctrl+Alt+/ Keyboard shortcuts

Chrome Browser Keyboard Shortcuts

Key Function in ChromeOS
Ctrl+Alt+T Terminal (Crosh)
Ctrl+R Reload tab
Ctrl+Tab, Ctrl+Shift+Tab next and previous tabs
Ctrl+T, Ctrl+N new tab, new window

ChromeOS Keyboard Shortcuts

Key Function in ChromeOS
Ctrl+Space Switch Languages (duplicates OS + Space in external keyboard
Shift+Search+L Sleep (Suspend)
Ctrl+Shift+F5 (Overview) Partial screenshot
Ctrl+F5 (Overview) Screenshot
Alt+1 (to 8) Launch one of the first 8 apps on the shelf
Ctrl+. Display hidden files in Files app

Keyboard Settings

> Settings > Languages and Input > Show input options in the shelf

Other Notes

See also the following (the above is incomplete and can be supplemented) ...

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