Climate as a Resource

Updated 28-Jun-2024

Ran across an intriguing study that models climate as a (localized) resource and variable impacts on different kinds of tourism. This looks at the Bay of Palma (Majorca) and in particular shows impacts on seasonality.

> ... optimal conditions are projected to degrade during the peak visitation period while improving in spring and autumn. That is, climate change could further exacerbate the present imbalance between the seasonal distributions of ideal climate potentials and high attendance levels.

Applying this to Northern Thailand and Northeast Myanmar, the obvious impacts (higher temperatures, less water) will continue to impact the hot season the most (increased air pollution, increased impact on agriculture, increasingly uncomfortable temperatures). This last March through May, 2016 were horrible in all aspects. Expect more of the same. Also, the dry season may be drier/hotter, with increased fire risks, and air pollution as well.